Ausschnitte aus dem Album „Losing it“, das im Sommer 2019 bei Meyer Records / Rough Trade erscheint.

»Losing it«
»Jen and Marie«
»(a little more) Dangerous«
»The Cabin in the Woods«

Full Version of „Jen and Marie“ for all the Jimmy Dore fans out there!

Jen and Marie

Jen and Marie

Jen and Marie, you’re the sweetest girls

of the international community

I mean the United States, ain’t that the same?

let me check for updates,  no there have been no debates

Matt,  you better leave these girls alone, it’s so unfair

you are a grown-up man

don’t try to trick her to confirm

what she can’t understand

have mercy with her! 

grant her the upper hand, for once

I love the red-headed sociopaths the most

Oh Jen, you, 

you are 

my favorite lunatic

You can say those crazy things so slick

that would make lesser ones get sick

but you smile your way through

that’s all you got to do

You say: „don’t let us get ahead of where we are!“

I prefer not to stand idly by

I know you’ve to so much more to add

let me assess it for you, with you!